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If you’re looking for the latest strategies real estate agents are using to increase their listings dramatically … then this will be the most exciting message you’ve ever read.

I’m going to share with you these strategies in a minute. But first, some “inside baseball”...

If you're like most agents, you want to build your business around listings. But you’ve probably fallen for techniques that don’t work.

Maybe they worked at one time. But no longer.

That’s because times are changing.

Big Technology companies are threatening to make real estate agents irrelevant and unnecessary.

The solution?

Say Goodbye to Obsolete Listing Strategies
and Meet …

Access to the best practices of the top agents in the country
If you’re going to achieve your listing goals, you can't do it without a system. 

A system that's in line with the latest advances in technology.

But agents typically take scattershot approaches.

They’re getting their information from a variety of sources and patching it all together.

But instead of going to 10 different seminars … or signing up to 100 different marketing services … or going through a bunch of scripts and manuals … you just need one system. 

A system that’s affordable … and actually used by Top Agents.

Now, I know this phrase “Top Listing Agents” gets thrown around a lot. And other programs claim to help agents. But from my experience, they only really help you see the “tip” of the iceberg. It’s hard to figure out the whole picture.  

The Ultimate Listing Machine Is the Whole Picture! 
We broke down every major component of what it takes to create your own listings machine and backed it up with one-on-one interviews from the most elite agents--many of whom are on the Wall Street Journal's 250 list…….
Basically what I have done is taken everything I have learned and incorporated it into this program.

Oh, by the way this system generates almost 100 listings a month. Basically my wife and I have become Rainmakers on steroids…

Now, most people would take this leverage and financial freedom I have created and go sit on a beach or something, but I am not built that way. My new goal is to take this system and help agents turn it into cash.
The first step is to create what I call "Listing Funnels..."
So, what type of listing
channel should you use?
Well, a lot of that depends on what “niche” you want to go after. 
There are certain types of listing funnels for expireds, JL/JS campaigns, probate, FSBO’s and even referrals…

What about buyers, you ask? 

Well I think you and I both know there are enough buyer leads out there so it makes more sense for most agents to build their business from listings. 
If you want to get more listings, there is a Sales Funnel that will work for you!
And the Ultimate Listing Machine is the ONLY system on earth that will help you with the whole thing..
Everything You Need To Market,
Generate And Convert Sellers!  
If you've tried in the past to cobble together dozens of other products, scripts, and process just to create ONE simple sales system….

Then I want to watch this quick video from one of our top ULM users that will show you how simple your life can become when you start using the Ultimate Listing Machine:

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Cut the amount of time, stress, anxiety and suffering you experience from trying to make it all work without a simple system and start to focus on what actually matters….  Getting Leads, Converting them to Listings and closing deals.
Access to the best practices of the top agents in the country
You probably got into real estate because you saw it as a way to make a good living, and eventually get financial and time freedom. Some agents get really good at what they do and make a lot of money only to realize they just created a glorified sales job for themselves. In this scenario, if the agent doesn’t keep selling, they risk losing their status and lifestyle. So they just keep going like the energizer bunny.
To keep up with it all, agents are told they need to generate even more leads, so they try a lot of different lead generation programs. Then they realize that lead conversion is an issue, so they now look for different conversion tools. They end up buying a CRM, follow-up systems, hiring agents, hiring ISA’s and at the end of the day, are lucky if they can keep it all together. Yes, there are those few who can make it all work. 
The question is at what cost? Agents try to get their time back, by hiring a marketing person or an ISA or trying a better lead generation program…and on goes the cycle. Over time things may get better, but at the end of the day, they just wish they could focus on selling real estate. 
Many agents come to realize that they are not really in the real estate business they are in the marketing business. And the better the marketing, the easier things get. But how do we keep it all organized?

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